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How to Take Care of Kids Designer Clothes

They’re cute, colorful, and sometimes, downright expensive. Their price tags, however, are not without good reason as comfort and durability are equally important in children’s clothing. Aside from the quality, the key to the longevity of kids designer clothes also lies in taking good care of them.

Here are some basic care tips you can follow to keep them looking their best well after your children have outgrown them:

#1. Follow laundering instructions – Some materials may require a hand-wash or a more delicate machine wash. With that said, it goes without saying you should be familiar with your machine’s settings or avoid materials that require special care altogether if you want to avoid having to worry about wash requirements.

As a general cleaning rule, you should wash dark clothing like your children’s jeans inside out to avoid the color from seeping into other clothing. When it comes to drying, be careful putting certain kids’ clothing items in the dryer as doing so may cause them to shrink. Even if the label says otherwise, air-drying them may be your safest bet.

#2. Rotate clothing – Jumping, running, crawling—all your kids’ active movements during playtime can cause wear and tear to the fabric. To minimize this, you can rotate your kids’ designer clothes to preserve them longer.

If your child happens to have a favorite shirt or a pair of shorts, you can try placing it at the back of the closet to facilitate a better clothing rotation.

#3. Practice good storage habits – There are numerous ways to go about this such as investing in quality hangers or learning how to fold clothes properly. Both are essential in maintaining the shape of certain types of clothing.

Additionally, cabinets should be cool and dry with ample room to avoid cluttering. Be sure to store your kids’ designer clothes only when they have dried completely, as mold can grow with the excess moisture and pent up heat inside the closet.

Four Tips for Choosing a Fedora Hat for Your Little Boy

The 1950s are back in fashion, and hats are one of the trends that are experiencing a recent resurgence. For kids, fedora hats are available in all shapes and sizes today. When one sees a fedora, Indiana Jones and matinee idols come into mind, and with good reason—they can either be rugged or classy. This makes the fedora a classic that remains a popular choice for men’s headgear.

Many parents can try to bring back that fashionable vintage vibe through boys hats, particularly with a fedora. The word “fedora” itself applies to a variety of short-brimmed hats, and it could be a challenge to find the right one for your little leading man as the choice of hat can either make or break their outfit. Here are some great tips for choosing a fedora:

Tip #1: Consider the shape of your boy’s face. A fedora with a tall crown is best for round or square heads while short crowned fedoras are perfect for longer heads.

Tip #2: The wearer’s body shape also comes into play when choosing a boy’s fedora. If the wearer is thin, a small, simple, narrow-brimmed fedora is recommended. On the other hand, a fedora with a wider brim looks better on young men who are a bit broader at the shoulders.

Tip #3: The fit is very important when trying out a fedora. The rule of thumb for kids fedora hats: it should not cover the ears; otherwise, it is better to try on something smaller. However, it shouldn’t be so small that your boy’s scalp starts to itch.

Tip #4: Finally, the headgear should go with the outfit. If the baby boy fedora is black in color, the rest of his outfit should either be black or grey. Of course, nothing’s stopping anyone from mixing and matching.

Fashionable Pants for Every Age

Today’s young generation is showing exceptional fashion sense at a very early age. Even in their toddler years, little girls are already showing their own tastes with the clothes that they prefer to wear. This is why at Evolution Kids Emporium we have made it our mission to provide parents with a wide assortment of clothes, from girls’ pants to tops, for their little princesses.

You and your little girl will definitely enjoy shopping together while in the comfort of your own home. And if you’re looking for stylish pants for your little one, you have come to right place!

What type of pants are you looking for? Pants come in different lengths and styles. But whatever pair your little girl wants, you’re sure to find it here.

Whatever the age of your little one is, whether she is still in her toddler years or almost a teen, we’ve got pants of every size and style just for her.

Our selection of long girls’ pants includes leggings and jeggings. These are perfect for strolling in the park and playdates. They are comfortable and can be easily pulled up or down – no fumbling with zippers if your little girl needs to use the bathroom.

Our selection of girls’ pants also come in different designs and colors. From Blü Slate Basic Leggings w/Bows to Fore N Birdie Metallic Stretch Metallic Twill, your little one will surely look stylish and cool!

For your pre-teen princess, skinny jeans are the perfect choice. Skinny jeans are a hot item these days and our selection includes brands that are popular among kids as well. Fore N Birdie Fuchsia Skinny Corduroy Pants w/Pockets, La Miniatura Girls Eggplant Tie Dye Crayon Skinny Denim Jeans and SuperTrash Girls Poppy Red Posh Pants are some of the labels that we carry.

For girls between the ages of four and six, our one of our most popular brands for girls’ pants is Paper Wings Deep Turquoise Keyhole Leggings. Our selection includes pants in solid colors, floral prints, and stripes.

To complete the look, you can also find a variety of shirts to match their pants perfectly. Printed cotton shirts, tank tops and sleeveless tops are all available here. We also have rib sweaters and long-sleeve polo shirts. For parents who are huge fans of 70s, 80s or 90s music, you can dress up your little girl in a stylish Rowdy Sprout Mint Pink Floyd Hippy Shake Tank. She will definitely rock that look!

If you have questions regarding online payments, available sizes or shipping, please give us a call at 888-765-5515. Or you may also leave us a message contact us here.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Rowdy Sprout Rocker Tees

Remember the time when you watched AC/DC in concert with your then boyfriend, now husband? How about that time when your husband was still a hopeless romantic and he dedicated The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” to you? Now you can take a trip down memory lane with Rowdy Sprout rocker tees for your little ones!

AC/DC is, of course, that Australian band considered to be one of the pioneers of heavy metal music; and The Police not only produced some of the best songs to ever hit the airwaves, it also gave humanity Sting!

Rowdy Sprout’s line of baby and toddler tees also includes other famous artists from the music industry: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Blondie, Boston, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, The Who, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, Journey, Van Halen, and John Lennon.

The Beatles were of course the hottest, and arguably the most influential, band from England back in the 60’s; and while each member enjoyed individual success after they disbanded in 1970, the “Fab Four” will always be remembered as legends.

You’ll definitely break into song every time you dress up your little ones in their “Let It Be” rocker tees!

Rowdy Sprout Online

Thinking of getting a friend’s daughter a Rowdy Sprout gift? You’ll be glad to know that Rowdy Sprout’s product line is not limited to tees. There are also cute dresses available, and these likewise come in various colors and prints, which should be perfect for the budding little rocker princess!

And since Christmas is just around the corner, these will make for a great gift for your friends’ kids, as well as your nephews and nieces! Parents will definitely let out a few “ooh’s” and “aah’s” when they see what you got their kids for Christmas!

Discover Evolution Kids Emporium

Evolution Kids Emporium is a family owned and operated children’s clothing boutique located in the Greater Houston area. (That’s in Texas, y’all!) We opened our doors in October 2011 and have been hard at work, changing the face of kids’ fashion ever since!

Cutting-edge fashion, such as these cool and unique t-shirts, lines the walls at the Evolution Kids Emporium boutique.

Cutting-edge fashion, such as these cool and unique t-shirts, lines the walls at the Evolution Kids Emporium boutique.

We offer a unique variety of domestic and European designers who go beyond traditional boutique selections to enchanting kid couture. From romper room to red carpet, we’ve got what you’re looking for to keep your little one looking their best!

Jimmy works with models at a recent Evolution Kids Emporium shoot.

Jimmy works with models at a recent Evolution Kids Emporium shoot.

We take the time to get to know our customers, and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of personalized customer service possible – whether shopping in-store or on-line. Customers rave about the knowledgeable staff, as well as the superb presentation of shipped items. (It’s ALL about presentation, RIGHT?!)

My wife and I enjoy choosing styles, season after season, taking great care to craft an eclectic selection of fun, kid-friendly, colorful, cutting edge fashions you won’t see anywhere else!

All the hard work is really starting to show! We were cited on the 2012 top 100 Holiday Gift guide in In Style magazine, and were the ONLY children’s boutique invited to participate in a pre-Emmy event in LA in the fall of 2013. The sky is the limit, but we need your help! It is our hope that you find styles at our store that honor the childhood spirit and keep you coming back season after season!

Instyle Magazine's 2012 Top 100 Holiday Gift guide Cover

InStyle Magazine’s 2012 Top 100 Holiday Gift Guide Cover

Instyle Magazine featuring Evolution Kids Emporium styles.

Instyle Magazine featuring Evolution Kids Emporium styles.

Evolution Kids Emporium was invited to participate in an exclusive pre-Emmy event in LA in the fall of 2013. We were the only children's boutique there!

Evolution Kids Emporium was invited to participate in an exclusive pre-Emmy event in LA in the fall of 2013. We were the only children’s boutique there!

We invite you to shop with us and recommend us to your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need assistance or wish to share a comment. We’re always ready to help you select a size or coordinate pieces for an amazing look. Visit us on-line or in-store and be a part of a new chapter in children’s fashion!

Check out the cool car parked outside our boutique!

Check out the cool car parked outside our boutique!

Remember, Evolution Kids Emporium – where you go to find “what’s next” in kids’ fashion!