Four Tips for Choosing a Fedora Hat for Your Little Boy

The 1950s are back in fashion, and hats are one of the trends that are experiencing a recent resurgence. For kids, fedora hats are available in all shapes and sizes today. When one sees a fedora, Indiana Jones and matinee idols come into mind, and with good reason—they can either be rugged or classy. This makes the fedora a classic that remains a popular choice for men’s headgear.

Many parents can try to bring back that fashionable vintage vibe through boys hats, particularly with a fedora. The word “fedora” itself applies to a variety of short-brimmed hats, and it could be a challenge to find the right one for your little leading man as the choice of hat can either make or break their outfit. Here are some great tips for choosing a fedora:

Tip #1: Consider the shape of your boy’s face. A fedora with a tall crown is best for round or square heads while short crowned fedoras are perfect for longer heads.

Tip #2: The wearer’s body shape also comes into play when choosing a boy’s fedora. If the wearer is thin, a small, simple, narrow-brimmed fedora is recommended. On the other hand, a fedora with a wider brim looks better on young men who are a bit broader at the shoulders.

Tip #3: The fit is very important when trying out a fedora. The rule of thumb for kids fedora hats: it should not cover the ears; otherwise, it is better to try on something smaller. However, it shouldn’t be so small that your boy’s scalp starts to itch.

Tip #4: Finally, the headgear should go with the outfit. If the baby boy fedora is black in color, the rest of his outfit should either be black or grey. Of course, nothing’s stopping anyone from mixing and matching.

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