SuperTrash Girls Clothing: Top Tips for Spring Dressing

SuperTrash Girls is one of the biggest names on Holland’s high street. It has a massive following in the US and Europe. Characterized by contemporary style with a fabulously unique twist, the SuperTrashGirls clothing collection never disappoints as it stuns you each season without fail because of its enticing prints, statement designs, feminine silhouettes and edge details. Bringing fashion back into line with unmistakable chic, the designer brand thrives on new inspirations every season which in turn allows modern designs to come to life in the form of sumptuous cotton, smooth silk, and utterly urban leather.

Spring time weather is upon us. The mornings can be chilly and the afternoons can be warm and sunny. Dressing your kids for the day can be tricky. They need to be warm in the morning, but cool in the afternoons. So here are some things to try to keep your child comfortable for whatever weather spring time brings.

Remember to buy for comfort

With young kids, you want the clothing to be cute, sure, but if it’s uncomfortable for a kid to wear, he or she will be ripping it off and refusing to wear it again. So save the frilly duds for photos and go for play clothes that let kids climb the jungle gym, like an Adidas tracksuit. How sporty is that?

Layer like a pro

Layering a great way to keep warm in the morning and peel layers off as it gets warmer. Starting with a lightweight cotton t-shirt, shorts, and cotton socks. You can put sweat pants over their shorts, and long sleeved shirts or sweaters over their t-shirts. As the sun warms up, and kids run around outside, they can become hot. As they warm up, they can peel off layers until they are comfortable.

Spring jackets are a must

You might pack away the winter coats, but don’t think you’re out of the woods yet. A windbreaker is always a good idea to protect against wind and rain. And what about hats and caps? Also perfect for this time of year and protecting faces from the sun and cold!

Opt for bright colors and patterns

Spring is the time of the year when you are free to dress your kids in lively colors. Bright colors such as yellow, pink and orange or pastel colors like baby pink or baby blue and purple are all fun colors for spring. Patterns with flowers or simple fun prints are also good for girls. Blue checkered or striped clothing are acceptable options for little boys or you may go for greys or dark blues.

Don’t forget sturdy shoes

Sturdy shoes are a good option for your child to perform outdoor activities more comfortably. Choose shoes that are suitable for running, climbing, skateboarding, and other kids’ shenanigans. Make sure that you purchase high quality shoes which can withstand all sorts of impacts and pressure. If you choose wisely, your child can even use this pair of shoes for her summer camps and other activities.

Get ready for spring by checking out designer brands such as SuperTrash Girls for clothing options that will look great all year round.

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