SuperTrash Girls: Top Outerwear for Girls

SuperTrash Girls has a selection of outerwear that will keep your child warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather is. If you’re looking to dress your little girl in fashionable yet utilitarian outerwear, look no further than SuperTrash Girls’ jackets, cardigans, and sweaters. Their unique and stylish designs are sure to make your child the center of attention in their class. Here are some ways to dress in outerwear:


In France, the word “jaquette” is used to describe a jacket. Jackets are hip- or waist-length, and are generally worn as outerwear. They are fastened at the front, usually have longer sleeves (though short-sleeved jackets can be found in spring) and are lighter, tighter, and less insulating than a coat. The term “overcoat” applies to a piece of apparel meant for outerwear use only. Contrary to popular belief, jackets are not coats; as a rule, coats are cut much longer than jackets. Jackets, once a simple item, have grown enormously in variety, and now include designs like the military style, the puffer, the bolero, the fleece, and the blazer. Depending on your activities, one or more of these types may find a place in your closet.


There is much more to a cardigan than you always thought. Open cardigans come in a variety of styles, but one thing they all have in common is that they don’t come with buttons or hooks with different sorts of hemlines and necklines. Tunic cardigans very much resemble the usual long cardigans, but are often buttoned from the front or may not have a buttoned front at all. Zipped cardigans have a zipped front, often accompanied by pockets in the front and are normally a great substitute for jackets. Very similar to the open cardigans, Long cardigans are often long enough to reach the knees and often have a zipper or large buttons in the front. The buttons add value to the outfit and are the perfect choice for those who are lean or skinny. They end up being the perfect substitute for long coats and are easy to carry as well.


The sweater is an essential part of the wardrobe, and should be layered on top of other clothing for additional warmth. Arguably the most popular sweater type, a pullover sweater boasts a round neckline and a relaxed fit throughout. Pullover sweaters are also ideal to wear on top of a shirt, whether it is a dress shirt, polo, or a basic white tee. Aside from the flattering cut, a V-neck sweater is also one of the few types that can be worn during warmer temperatures because of its open neckline. A turtleneck sweater features a high-neck turtleneck design with the fabric of a sweater.

Before buying any outerwear for your child, make sure that you get the occasion and the sizing right. No use in giving her a lumpy coat when all she needs is a light cardigan. Best to check her sizing as you don’t want your kid to be in an over or undersized outerwear.

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