How to Take Care of Kids Designer Clothes

They’re cute, colorful, and sometimes, downright expensive. Their price tags, however, are not without good reason as comfort and durability are equally important in children’s clothing. Aside from the quality, the key to the longevity of kids designer clothes also lies in taking good care of them.

Here are some basic care tips you can follow to keep them looking their best well after your children have outgrown them:

#1. Follow laundering instructions – Some materials may require a hand-wash or a more delicate machine wash. With that said, it goes without saying you should be familiar with your machine’s settings or avoid materials that require special care altogether if you want to avoid having to worry about wash requirements.

As a general cleaning rule, you should wash dark clothing like your children’s jeans inside out to avoid the color from seeping into other clothing. When it comes to drying, be careful putting certain kids’ clothing items in the dryer as doing so may cause them to shrink. Even if the label says otherwise, air-drying them may be your safest bet.

#2. Rotate clothing – Jumping, running, crawling—all your kids’ active movements during playtime can cause wear and tear to the fabric. To minimize this, you can rotate your kids’ designer clothes to preserve them longer.

If your child happens to have a favorite shirt or a pair of shorts, you can try placing it at the back of the closet to facilitate a better clothing rotation.

#3. Practice good storage habits – There are numerous ways to go about this such as investing in quality hangers or learning how to fold clothes properly. Both are essential in maintaining the shape of certain types of clothing.

Additionally, cabinets should be cool and dry with ample room to avoid cluttering. Be sure to store your kids’ designer clothes only when they have dried completely, as mold can grow with the excess moisture and pent up heat inside the closet.

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