Welcoming Spring with Paper Wings Clothing

Spring is almost upon us, and it’s the perfect time for parents everywhere to check out new outfits from Paper Wings Clothing for their kids. As the weather gets warmer, kids need lighter and more versatile outfits that allow them to stay cool, yet offer a lot of room for layering to keep warm if the weather calls for it. Still, spring means out with the thick parkas, boring jackets, drab snow caps, and fluffy pants in either drab hues or dark ones; in with the cool and airy tops, stretchy leggings, and comfortable dresses in vibrant colors!

When looking for kids’ spring clothes, consider looking at old-time favorites. Pastels, long a favorite of designers everywhere, bridge the gap between the drabness of winter and the color explosion of summer with their vibrant yet muted hues. Colors such as orchid, bluebell, buttermilk, and periwinkle add a subtle touch of welcome color to a world that’s still slowly shaking off the cold and the snow. Kids will definitely look their best in spring-inspired pastel dresses, tops, and pants as they trudge through the growing grass.

Another good place to start when choosing clothes for kids is to look at grown-up fashion trends for the season. Many trendy parents think that grown-up fashion closely mimics what looks good on kids, and vice-versa; and looking at the 2017 spring fashion trends, we can see that floral prints are going to be in vogue this year. In fact, florals are no longer just for tops or jackets or skirts; one can find them everywhere, including pants, leggings, and accessories. Designers are now coming up with smaller flower prints, unlike before, when large flowers and spring were inseparable. Subtlety, it seems, has arrived in flower country, and it’s a welcome sight in spring collections everywhere.

Finally, there’s no better way to welcome spring than to actually feature the furry friends that thrive in it. Bunnies and foxes, for example, end their long hibernation, make their way out of their burrows, and start frolicking in the melted snow and green grass. These quiet yet energetic critters capture the essence of spring – a time for continued growth and new beginnings. No wonder both furry creatures figure prominently whenever the word “spring” is mentioned. In fact, Easter, the most-loved spring holiday, has a bunny as its symbol. This is why some of the cutest tops and rompers for this season have bunny or fox prints on them. Pair these animal-inspired tops with just the right kind of leggings or pants, and your little one is all set to go out into the world!

Nothing sets the mood for springtime quite like Paper Wings Clothing and its lineup of cute and trendy clothes for kids, all made with much care to bring out the best in your kids. Each piece of Paper Wings Clothing brings kids to a charmed time when they’d do nothing but laugh and play – when kids could actually be themselves and have not a care in the world.

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